Motivation: Move It!


You heard me. Move it! …Okay wait until you’re done reading this post and THEN move it.

“Working out” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend an hour at the gym if you don’t want to. Just get moving, and avoid vegging out on the couch with a pint of Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch to recover from your long, exhausting Monday What? No, of course I’ve never done this. Anyways, one thing I have learned is that even on the most grueling day at work, if I keep myself moving I don’t really feel like such a slug.  BUT – as soon as I hit that couch… game over. Big time slug.

So, avoid the slug life by finding an activity that gets you moving and gets you sweating even on those days when a structured workout sounds like too much. In other words, they key is tricking your wannabe lazy slug mind into working out. Needs some ideas? I’ve got you, friends!

1. The productive workout

When you really scrub your shower or vacuum the entire downstairs, have you ever noticed that by the time you’re done you’re almost always sweating (or at least about to be)? I’ve learned the hard way to never take a shower before cleaning. Cleaning can be some physical work! Hey moms out there: how many times do you have to bend over every time you pick up the toy room (or your living room that has now become a toy room)? Get the idea? Turn those dreaded chores into your workout. The longer you work around the house, the longer you’re staying active and avoiding the couch! I think my all-time favorite around-the-house productive “workout” is yard work. Did you know that spending an hour working in the yard (think planting flowers, laying new mulch, trimming trees, mowing grass -PUSH mowing that is) burns anywhere from 150-300 calories? Vacuuming for 20 minutes burns only 63 calories, but combine this with 30 minutes of other general house work and you’ve burned 130 calories without even knowing you’re working out. Bonus points if you move furniture to clean around it!

2. The playful workout

Have kids or pets? Play with them! Chase your kids around the house (or outside to avoid any destruction or boo boos). Walk them to the park and let them play. Take your dog on a walk (he/she will love you for it!), or to the dog park and run with them. Chances are you’ve had to spend your entire day acting like an adult, so spending a little time playing and letting out that inner child will not only release some stress, but will also keep you moving.

3. Youtube is your friend.

When all else fails, dance. There are thousands (literally) of videos on Youtube of Zumba classes that you can play and dance along to. Plus, if you’re intimidated by actual Zumba classes, this is a great way to learn the basics in the comfort of your own home. Try a few songs, and before you know it, an hour (and over 200 calories) has passed. Try this video of “Boom Boom Boom,” by the Black Eyed Peas, and check out this channel to get started.

Hopefully these ideas will help on those days (usually Mondays for me) when a non-workout kind of workout is needed (does that even make sense?). The options really are endless! If you want a little more structure, or if you don’t have a a gym membership, Popsugar always has great workout videos too, for all levels of fitness.

Now get up and get moving! What is your favorite go-to activity for the days when working out doesn’t come easily?

❤ Bre

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