Recipe: Ezekiel French Toast


Hey, friends!

Its no secret that I enjoy a good breakfast.  While most people look forward to the weekend for sleeping in, I look forward to making an awesome breakfast that I don’t have time for during the week.  My poor husband falls into the former category, savoring every minute of extra sleep he can get.  He is often interrupted by an overly-excited me, skipping into the room yelling “GET UPPPP! I MADE BREAKFAST!!”- I’m not ashamed.- He knew I was a food-obsessed morning person well before he married me.  Plus, who can really be mad about being jolted awake for food?  PLUS to be fair, its not like I’m dragging him out of bed at 7 am. Or even 8. Sometimes not even 9!!  I wait as long as I can.  By 9, its time to get the day going anyways, right?!  Come on.

My breakfast creations are anything from pancakes to omelettes to biscuits and gravy. Lately though, I’ve been on a big French toast kick.  Normally, French toast doesn’t provide much more than a food coma followed by a sugar crash.  I’m really excited to share this recipe with you, because 1. Its DELISH, and 2. it leaves some of the guilt behind with one easy ingredient swap.  If you’re super observant (as in, you read the title to this post), you probably think that swap involves Ezekiel Bread.  And… yeah. You’re totally right.


For my Ezekiel newbies out there – Ezekiel Bread is a sprouted grain bread.  Basically, this bread doesn’t contain any flour.  It is made with a variety of grains like barely, millet, lentils and soybeans that are sprouted, which makes certain vitamins and minerals more bioavailable.  SO, your body can absorb these vitamins more easily. Yay!

Now, before you let your thoughts run wild, flour-free does NOT mean this brand is all gluten-free.  However, this brand (Food for Life) DOES offer a gluten-free variety.  I will admit that I haven’t tried it, though.  On average, each slice of Ezekiel Bread provides only 80 calories, while giving you 4g of protein and 3g of fiber.  This is awesome because both fiber and protein help keep you full AND most people don’t get enough fiber.  Also, the ingredient list is simple, and heavy on the “o” word (…organic).

You can find this bread in the freezer section at most grocery stores.  Sprouted grains go bad pretty quickly if left out at warmer temps.  I will warn you that it is a teeny bit expensive.  Here in Indy, a loaf ranges anywhere from $4-$6.  I like to stock up when I find it on sale.

Now that you’re full of fun facts about sprouted grains, go get full on some French Toast!


The texture of Ezekiel Bread is hearty and a little nutty.


Combine 1 egg, 3 Tbsp milk and 1/4-1/2 tsp cinnamon in a shallow bowl.


Dip gently, so each slice is coated on each side without getting too soggy.


You want to hear a good sizzle when these babies hit the pan. Don’t leave them too long – they go from golden brown to burnt quickly!


Top with whatever you’re feeling that day. I added sliced banana and maple syrup.

Ezekiel French Toast

(makes 2 servings)

What You’ll Need:

4 slices Ezekiel Bread*
1 egg
3 Tbsp milk (any kind)
1/4 – 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 Tbsp butter to coat skillet or griddle

How You Make It:

1. Heat your griddle or pan over medium-high heat. I prefer to use my cast-iron skillet, but sometimes use my electric griddle if I’m making a bigger batch.

2. Add your pan coating of choice. I normally use unsalted butter, just out of preference.

3. In a medium, shallow bowl, mix the egg, milk and cinnamon with a whisk or fork until well-combined.

4. Gently dip each side of each slice of bread into the egg mixture.

5. Place each slice of bread on your pre-heated skillet and cook 1-2 minutes on each side. I usually start checking mine after around 30 seconds to make sure it doesn’t burn! Each burner/griddle will cook a little differently. You want each side to be slightly brown and toasted.

6. Remove toast from heat, top with whatever fixins you like! My favorite is sliced banana with a little maple syrup. Other ideas include any fresh fruit, chia seeds, chopped pecans, or a little powdered sugar if you’re feeling crazy.

*I always keep my Ezekiel bread in the freezer to keep it nice and fresh. If you do the same, simply break off the slices you need from the frozen loaf using a butter knife. Let the slices thaw overnight, or microwave them about 30 seconds before dipping in the egg mixture.


Nutrition Facts: 
For one serving (2 slices of toast) using 2% milk, with no toppings

237 calories
12g protein
7 g fiber
31g carbohydrate
7g fat
1.3g sugar

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