Recipe: Ezekiel French Toast


Hey, friends!

Its no secret that I enjoy a good breakfast.  While most people look forward to the weekend for sleeping in, I look forward to making an awesome breakfast that I don’t have time for during the week.  My poor husband falls into the former category, savoring every minute of extra sleep he can get.  He is often interrupted by an overly-excited me, skipping into the room yelling “GET UPPPP! I MADE BREAKFAST!!”- I’m not ashamed.- He knew I was a food-obsessed morning person well before he married me.  Plus, who can really be mad about being jolted awake for food?  PLUS to be fair, its not like I’m dragging him out of bed at 7 am. Or even 8. Sometimes not even 9!!  I wait as long as I can.  By 9, its time to get the day going anyways, right?!  Come on.

My breakfast creations are anything from pancakes to omelettes to biscuits and gravy. Lately though, I’ve been on a big French toast kick.  Normally, French toast doesn’t provide much more than a food coma followed by a sugar crash.  I’m really excited to share this recipe with you, because 1. Its DELISH, and 2. it leaves some of the guilt behind with one easy ingredient swap.  If you’re super observant (as in, you read the title to this post), you probably think that swap involves Ezekiel Bread.  And… yeah. You’re totally right.

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